The LP Lifting Platform is designed in order to lift up reel with expandable shaft inserted and it must be positioned in line with the above described PSP600 Shaft Puller.

The platform is composed by a hydraulic lifting device with a cradle installed on the upper side.

The lifting device is composed by a pantograph structure by Fomat exclusive design; the tubular structure of the scissor is extremely steady and it avoids any lateral movement of the cradle, for the correct alignment of the platform with the shaft puller. A hydraulic piston properly dimensioned operates the lifting.

The cradle is equipped with a couple of hydraulic pistons that allow the unloading of the reel at the end of the cycle. The cradle is equipped with an adjustable metallic cam on one side in order to stop the core in proper position during the insertion phase of the shaft.

The Lifting Platform is supplied complete by dedicated hydraulic unit and onboard electric plant. The control panel is included in the PSP600 control panel.