Fomat product range includes the sheet stabilization  system for press and drying section as well as the ventilation boxes for the drying section. 

Press section boxes: 

• FSN : Stabilizer box for the nip of the press 

• FSP : Stabilizer box at the inlet of the drying section 

• FVP : Vacuum-based stabilizer box at the inlet of drying section  Drying section stabilizer boxes : 

• FSP : Stabilizer box in displaced roll in the Double Felted Sections 

• FSPP : Pocket Stab with ventilation effect 

• FSR : Unifelt Section stabilizer box 

• FSDF : Double Unifelt Section stabilizer box 

• FTC : Transfer Box between Drying Sections 

• FSRV : Stabilizer box over the Vac-roll 

• FSRVA : Active Vacuum over Vac-Roll Stabilizer 

Drying section ventilation boxes : 

• FUV : Blow box placed under the Unifelt section for air balance 

• FRV : Pocket ventilation blow box 

• FPV : Blowing/exhaust box installed inside the pocket 

• FVF : Blow box for felt ventilation