Spare parts

Spare parts

With more than 40 years direct field experience Aerothermic Fomat is well aware that the spares parts inventory and the scheduled maintenance plan are at the very core of any paper mill successful runnability. Aerothermic Fomat is able to combine the technical consulting services with a wide inventory of both original and high-quality spare parts and components, managed through the advanced vertical automated storage.

This dedicated unit, combined with the know-how and the capability to design, engineer and manufacture in-house the own-designed components, allow the company for a total control and reliability of the spare part production and supply.

Thus, the company’s clients have the guarantee that each original Fomat Aerothermic designed spare parts can be realized in house with a quick process and that the commercial spares can be found in the company warehouse and quickly shipped.

Our clients know that the company works daily to:

  • maintain optimal wear parts inventory at all times
  • allow pain -free upgrade and retrofit activities
  • quick answer and total control of the spare making processes: from drawing to shipping