The chain conveyor is a device designed in order to handle virgin fiber bales by means of chains.

The frame is a sturdy metallic carpentry that supports a flat on which chains are sliding. The chains are arranged in three parallel rows on which the Operator positions the bales.

Once the bales that compose the batch are all positioned on the chains, the Operator provide to cut the metallic wire which bound the bales; the cutting operation is helped by chains that are equipped with pins, in order to lift the bales allowing the easy extraction of cutted wires.

The Chain conveyor is supplied complete by:

• Pneumatic system for cutting, including pneumatic scissor, rail for sliding of the scissor along the conveyor and the metallic frame for supporting of the rail.

• Mechanical probes installed at conveyor’s extremities.

• On board electric plant including sensors, switch, cabling, junction box and everything needed for make the machine running.

• Metallic protection on loading side of the conveyor in order to save the structure by forklift crash

• Metallic boardwalk to be positioned at the side of the conveyor with side protection and access ladder.