In order to get a perfect drainage of the cylinder, Fomat recommends installing fixed siphons with rotary joints supported by the machine frame. In case that a fixed anchoring structure on the machine is not available, Fomat designes a self-supporting holder able to ensure the stability of the siphon itself. Both solutions provide high stability of the siphon, which is the basic condition to maximize the steam system efficiency.

Fomat systems are equipped with an interchangeable cartridge containing all the sealing elements. The regeneration of the wear elements can be conveniently made in total safety.

Extensive tests on pilot machines and accurate surveys on the suction shoe, has led Fomat to design and engineer new siphons which minimize the pressure losses and maximize the cylinder rotation effect.

In order to improve the heat exchange, thus reducing the rimming effect, Fomat provides also turbulence bars for each kind of application.