Fomat Edge Trim Shower features a High accuracy Adjustment of the Cutting Position that 

can be done in Automatic or Manual mode. The system enables to change the nozzles in total safety while the machine is in operation. 

• Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316

• Robust construction

Reduction of Paper Breaks improving production time and efficiency

• Easy maintenance ◊safe nozzle substitution

• Electro-polished surface to avoid fiber accumulation on the 

edge trim shower, thus reducing paper breaks frequency 

• Easy setup of cutting width up to 400 mm per side

• Control panel with interface possibility to DCS (if needed)

• Electronic programmable controller panel (if needed)

• Nozzle pipe replacement can be done during machine 

running in total safety.

The change of paper width size can be done either manually with a graduated bar or automatically by means of DCS.

Edge Trime Shower Anti-Bubble system

Fomat has developed an exclusive Pipe Degasser System specifically created for the edge nozzle trim pipe. The system is dedicated to those clients who face problems in using well water or whenever it arises the need to control the oxygen impact and effect in the piping. The Fomat Anti- Bubble system enables to avoid micro interruption of the flow, allows for a more homogeneous water, a better pressure control thus increasing as well the life span of the system, avoiding air bubbles and paper break.