• FAFF system for freshwater

This filter allows a degree of filtration up to 25 micron and features an automatic cleaning system in backwash. It’s indicated for the use of freshwater in total safety especially when it is drawn from the well.

• Patented OTOCINCLUS filter.

The patented OTOCINCLUS water filter allows for clarified

water use, guaranteeing reduced maintenance operation thanks to the automatic cleaning. The OTOCINCLUS series ensures a high grade of cleaning up to 25 microns. Thanks to the backwashing and the patented mechanical cleaning systems included, the series prevents the risk of clogging. Therefore allowing for:

• Prevention of shower nozzles clogging

• Reduced shower maintenance

• Increased machine runnability

• Simpler operation

• Fast installation

• Quick cartridge change

• Easier inspection and cleaning

• Recorded Freshwater saving