The Froond Joint is a unique system with high performances in the removal of the condensates while enabling extremely reduced maintenance. The Froond joint is adaptable to any corrugator cylinders, so as to ensure a simpler spare parts handling. 

Thanks to the flanged coupling of the Fomat_Aerotermic joint, that guarantees a perfect alignement and position to the cylinder, a fixed suction system can be obtained with a minimal distance to the bottom (only few millimetres). The assembly of the suction system can be done easily from the outside thanks to the articulated part. This part is then fixed during the normal operation, with the extraction pipe, avoiding the joint to open unwantedly.

1: Steam Pump 

2: Boiler  

3: Degasser  unit   

4: Condensate recovery

Fomat Aerothermic Steam Pumps has been developed to guarantee the steam pressure control throughout the corrugator, in order to avoid any loss of energy efficiency. An aspect that is even more important nowadays, given the broad use of low weight and semi-chemical papers. 

Fomat Aerothermic Steam Pump installed throughout the machine (as per the above drawing) automatically redirect the condensates to the condensate recovery system that afterward pumps them directly in the boiler at a temperature corresponding to the one of the Steam. Thus creating a virtually closed system, safe for other consumption needs such as sheet humidification (in the single facer).  In this case, Fomat Aerothermic includes alongside the system an Instant-Degasser that heat the fresh feed water needed to compensate the above loss. 

Fomat Aerothermic Instant – Degasser unit operates exclusively when needed, therefore contributing to the overall energy saving, unlike most of the common market degassers that work constantly, wasting calories.