The conveyor belt above mentioned is designed in order to handle raw material, waste paper bales or virgin paper bales for feeding of pulper.

The conveyor belt is composed by:

Metallic frame with loading area to be positioned outside the floor level.

Belt composed by steel chain and metal shutters. Steel chain, pitch 300 mm, is equipped with  flanged wheels Ø78mm and 10mm thickness of the mesh. Aerothermic designed metal shutters, made from cold-bending, have a width either 1250 or 1500mm and a thickness of 5mm. The shutters are mounted on the chain with bolts and locknuts. On upper surface are mounted metallic pins in order to leave space between shutters and bales for wires removal after cutting. 

Crankshaft mounted on bearings supports, driven shaft mounted on sliding supports with cushioning system

Support frame composed by HEA200 profiles.

Side protections of the sloping part composed by folded metal sheets 5mm thickness, height 1.000mm.

Forklift bumper for the bales loading area, according the layout.

Automatic lubrification system for chain including pneumatic pump.

Manual Wires cutting device, composed by a structure which supports a pneumatic scissor     connected to a trolley (The pneumatic scissor is able to cut wires from the virgin fibres bales in order to allow manual remove by the Operator). 

Electrical system, power and control includingnecessary sensors, encoder and inverter for bales moving following process..

Safety wire system installed on side protection.