The shuttle is dedicated to the transfer of the reels from one point to another. The shuttle is composed by a trolley which supports a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt structure is made by a heavy metallic frame and it is composed by two neutral rolls series mounted as a ā€œVā€ shape: the horizontal transport of the reel is made by a PVC belt which slides over the rolls. The conveyor belt is equipped with a hydraulic tensioning device for the belt alignment.

For the vertical transport of the reel the shuttle includes a slat conveyor. The shuttle is moved by means of an electric motor which drives the rubber coated wheels. The alignment of the shuttle is maintained by a couple of wheels installed below the structure which follow a guide installed under the floor level. All electric equipment including electric panel and safety devices are installed on-board and the electric feeder is provided by a special roll which wraps the power cable during the transfer. The on-board conveyor can be loaded with a reel each time.