The ST3000-N stopper stops the reel in arrival from the cradle of the rewinder and sends it till the wrapping machine or other.

The stopper is composed by a lifting flap and and a number of n balancing wedges hinged on the flap (according customer request).

During the wait all the components are positioned under the floor level. Before the unloading operation of the cradle, the Operator pushes the button to lift up the balancing wedges; when the reel is stopped, the Operator pushes the button for the lifting command of the flap in order to tilt it, and after this he can push down all the balancing wedges or only a part of these to let the reel or only a portion of this in the direction of the conveyor belt. 

The flap is lifted by means of a couple of hydraulic pistons and each balancing wedge is controlled by an independent pneumatic piston.

The flat and the sectors are equipped with inductive sensors for the up and down positions. The drive of the machine must be interlocked with the management of the cradle: the cradle is disabled to unload the reel if the flat isn’t in down position and the balancing wedges aren’t in up position.

ST3000-N cannot ensure the automatic transfer of reels with a width less than 300mm, that’s the reason why a special function is integrated in control panel in order to allow the by-pass of the automatic unloading from the ST3000-N and allowing manual push of reels smaller than 300mm (single or grouped) by means of Operator.