The We177R Wrapping machine is a device designed in order to wrap reels in axial mode using a rotating arm.

The machine is composed by a rolls group installed on a rotating platform, which supports the reel during the wrapping cycle, and by a structure which supports the rotating arm.

The structure which supports the rotating arm has a single column configuration and it contains every needed to move and to control the rotating arm.

On rotating arm is installed a trolley which supports the film holder. The vertical trolley is moved in vertical position by means of a belt in order to vary the alignment of the stretch film reel with the center of the paper reel to be wrapped.

On the film holder are located the plastic films roll supporting systems, the tension control by means of an breaker located in correspondence of the guiding roll and the film breakage detector.

The rolls group turns the reel during the wrapping action; the group is composed by a main structure which supports two rolls driven by electric motors with gear reducer.

Rolls can be lifted in order to vary the height of each roll independently: in this way it is possible to do following operation

• to stop the reel in arrival.

• to push out the reel from the machine at the end of the cycle.

The main structure supports are ready to be equipped with loading cells (optional).

The rolls group is installed on a rotating platform in order to permit the turning of the reel up to 90°. The rotating platform turns on “Winkler” type wheels positioned all along the circumference and it’s moved by an electric motor which works on a circular rack. The We177R Wrapping machine is supplied complete by power and logical equipments composed by a main panel for the control of the machine and the supervision of the working area.