Fomat Aerothermic Steam Plant has been developed to enable the corrugators to reach higher overall performances, with increased output quality and significant energy and chemicals (including starch) savings. 

The core of the optimisation of a steam plant is the process of steam introduction and condensate extraction, in order to achieve the maximum heat transfer efficiency.

As a first step, Fomat Aerothermic has developed and engineered a rotating joint and syphon system specific for corrugators. 

Further on, Fomat Aerothermic has focused its efforts in the recovery of all the condensates in order to re-convey them directly to the boiler at the same temperature of the steam, thus eliminating the flash losses caused by the pressure variation. 

Thanks to this integrated system and to this Steam Pump the machine operator is able to change the plant parameters according to the daily production variations. Fomat Aerothermic steam plant for corrugators is modular and composed of pre-assembled components as per the below block diagram.