The Mx747 wrapping machine is the first machine which includes in a sole solution the processes of wrapping and standing up.

The wrapper is constituted by a single column and by the rotating arm support.

The support of the rotating arm is an heavy carpentry bracket which moves vertically on the column by means of an hydraulic piston.

Inside the bracket are installed all drives which need to move and to control the rotating arm.

The bottom part of the structure is ready for the installation of the film “cut and hold” group for the automatic management of the wrapping cycle (optional).

At the end of the rotating arm is installed the film holder threaded on the tubular structure: this solution permit easier maintenance and substitution actions.

On the film holder are located the plastic films roll supporting systems, the tension control by means of an hydraulic breaker located in correspondence of the guiding roll and the film breakage detector and a film tension recovery system.

The bottom part of the machine is constituted by a metallic carpentry basement which must be fixed under the floor level by means of a filling with concrete and in which is installed the rolls group. This group is composed by two motorized rolls which rotate the reels during the wrapping cycle. The rolls group structure is mounted on a tilting device equipped with a couple of hydraulic cylinders for the lifting operations and by a fork, also actioned by a couple of hydraulic pistons, which controls the sliding of the reel during the tilting phase: in order to avoid any damage on the reel’s surface during the tilting operation, between the rolls is installed a device equipped with neutral rolls which lift up the reel from the rolls surface.

At the end of the tipping cycle, the forks support the reel on a platform where it can be taken by a forklift operator. The platform can be equipped with a weighing system (Optional).