The elevator for reels MxL features a heavy metallic structure and an oscillating cradle or conveyor for reels.

The supply includes: 

• Supporting main frame composed by a couple of columns equipped with Winker type guides.

• Bracing Structure in metal tubular.

• Lifting system composed by a double pair of hydraulic cylinders. The two systems, one for each column, are each composed by a pair of cylinders; the two cylinders are joined on the shirt, but rotated 180° relative to one another.

• Supporting structure of the cradle or conveyor for vertical sliding; the structure is connected with columns by means of Winker type wheels. 

• If cradles, it’s driven by two hydraulic pistons 80-30 stroke 400mm;  if conveyor, it’s driven by gearbox. The cradle is capable of an oscillating movement in order to receive the reel, then unload the reel once it reaches the ground floor.

• N°2 Sectional doors positioned on every exit of the elevator. Doors are composed by a PVC and metallic mesh which avoid access to the working area by Operators.

• Hydraulic plant including valves, joint, pipes and everything needed for machine running.