MX702 Up-Ender

MX702UP Up-Ender

The Mx702UP Up-ender receive the roll in the arrival from the horizontal position and tilts it in vertical position on the slat conveyor. The Up-Ender is composed by a tubular structure hinged on a heavy basement fixed under the floor level. The “L” shape structure supports the conveyor belt and the cradle which receives the reel.

The tilting operation of the structure is put in action by means of two hydraulic pistons. The cradle which receives the reel is a conveyor belt composed by two neutral rolls series mounted as a “V” shape which allow the sliding of the reels during the tilting operations. The slat conveyor on the exit side is composed by tubular shutters which are linked by chains. The chains are moved by an electrical gearmotor. The structure that supports the slat conveyor is installed on rails and it’s driven by a couple of hydraulic cylinders; when it has been positioned on the slat conveyor, the structure is able to slide 200 mm away from the cradle to allow the transfer of the reel without interference with it.